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On-Air Talent

Bhargav Joshi

You can call him B (for Bhargav of course, what else were you thinking?). He’s always hunting for the next adrenaline rush with Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, skydiving and parasailing already ticked off his bucket list. He’s not only a natural on radio but takes on dancing, singing or acting – evidenced by his Best Emcee award at TAWAA 2020. You can catch his sometimes questionable dance moves on the visual broadcast of his show, The Morning Fix!

Jeet Renjit

Energetic, vibrant, eccentric, borderline outrageous, happy and rugged – Jeet is a combination of wit and (momentary) knowledge with a dash of charm. Having thrown away his ACCA qualification for a position behind the mic and camera you wouldn’t want to miss out on his hilarious commentary.

He knows how to uplift your mood after a long day at work or in traffic. You can catch him every weekday on The Drive Thru!

Riya Pattni

Riya ditched teaching young children for her job at Radio44. Little did she know that the creative craziness that goes on at Radio44 is comparable to her nursery classroom.

Riya ensures a seamless visual broadcast is maintained 24/7.

You can also catch her giving you the news in the evenings.

Behind the scenes

Jamil Alibhai

Jamil a masters degree holder in Television & Digital Journalism from American University in Cairo also graduated in Marketing with a bachelors in International Business Administration. A Mombasa boy with Nairobi Drip, Jamil brings to radio44 over 8 years of experience as a radio and tv presenter.

Jamil is a sports enthusiast on and off air! Passionate footballer, enjoys watching Cricket, Tennis, Athletics and F1! Jamil uses his charming personality and his way with words to sell Radio44 airtime to advertisers.

Jamil hosts the Jam Box with Tabby every Saturday from 12pm to 4pm.

Hermina Patel- Station Manager

You might recognize the face, as our station manager has been on your TV screens reading the news, or you might recognize the name as she was the chief editor of The Asian Weekly. Her experience goes back to when she was just 14 where she was in control of her own radio show!

Taking from her sky-diving adventures she’s ready to jump into this new wave of change.

You’ll find her in the office meticulously juggling the presenters, sales and whatever else our team throws at her with a smile. Legend has it that she never sleeps and is constantly pepped up for the day!

Tabby Maina

Tabby may have a degree in Sustainable human development from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, but her dream has always been to be on radio. she started off as a voice over artist, has dabbled in Emceeing and if you’re lucky you mind even find her showing off her acting skills.

Prior to joining Radio44, Tabby hosted a drive show on an online platform, where she was all about spreading positive vibes through her sparking conversations.

Tabby reads the news on Radio44 and also uses the gift of the gab to sell Radio44 airplay. On Saturday’s from 12pm to 4pm you can catch Tabby co-presenting the Jam Box with Jamil.


Arjun Ruzaik- Director

He’s been there, done that, got the tee-shirt, and then decided to get the tee-shirt again. Meet Arjun Ruzaik, Director of Radio44, a man who faced his fear of heights by learning to fly a plane, is wisely on only two family Whatsapp groups, replies to everyone on his official Facebook Page and is learning how to use filters on Instagram so that he can look even better than Govinda.

A lousy cook, even though he says he has brilliant videos of him cooking mutton curry playing in his head, Ruzaik is a brilliant mind and brings his expertise and experience to Radio44.

Heman Jadavji - Director

Aspiring mountain climber (but not wearing this attire, obviously), a jeweller by profession who has qualified in gemmology, Heman is a fun guy behind that very serious face with zero social media skills, but we are okay with that because he plays the violin really well.

He has been running his family business for over 23 years, and in case you are wondering how an introvert like him got into radio, Heman knows exactly when an opportunity is worth being invested in. His vast experience and success in business attests this.

Nisha Hirani - Director

Never a frown, always smiling, getting on with it, a sentimental soul, Nisha comes to Radio44 with an impressive CV and excellent coffee-making skills. She’s probably the reason why there’s always a sense of non-morning people actually managing to grunt at each other with just a first sip of her famous coffee.

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